Update: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

I am almost finished with book 2 of the series (Unravel Me) and I’ve spent the whole time trying to force myself not to care about fucking Warner!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I recognize that he’s a bad, manipulative, abusive sort of person and I’m not expecting him to change or have a life-changing redemption arc or anything. I wouldn’t put it past him to fake redemption though actually…

But he’s is such an intriguing character! Much more interesting than Adam, for sure!

Juliette is kind of annoying me with how she acts around him though. Like get a grip on your fucking hormones! And someone needs to tell her that just because you think someone has a chance to be a better person, you shouldn’t just automatically put all your trust in them.

Actually, Juliette’s inability to control herself around people she has a crush on is my main complaint for this book… I keep trying to tell myself that she’s just got too little experience with this sort of thing, with human interaction in general, but myself is refusing to be swayed by this argument. Myself thinks she needs to get her shit together considering her actions keep endangering others! And there’s only so many times I can read about her freaking out over one of those men before I need to punch somebody. Can we just pause the hormonal drama for two fucking seconds so they can fight a war, please and thank you!?


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