July 2014 Book Photo Challenge, Day 9: Nostalgia

July #BookPhotoChallenge Day 9 – Nostalgia: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen This book was a gift from the most badass pastor's secretary ever, along with a volume of Austen's collected works (including posthumously published works) and the 6-hour Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice as a miniseries. She heard of my love of books from my mother and a week later was putting this unsolicited gift into my hands. It was my introduction to Austen and made me feel a vague nostalgia even on my first reading. Now reading any Austen novel transports me back to the time in my life that, while frightening due to my mother's illness, was less complicated and much less lonely. I will always be greatful to Jane for writing them and Judy for insuring they became a part of my burgeoning library. #books #bookstagram

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