July 2014 Book Photo Challenge, Day 13: Bookshelf…

July #BookPhotoChallenge Day 13 – Bookshelf: (Photo 3 of 3) My library bookself, aka the polka-dot shelves. I use this one for the books I have checked out of the local library. I actually normally have more books stuck in all the extra spaces too, but I took those off the shelf and stacked them on my desk so it would be pretty and neat for you guys. I did the polka-dots myself back in 6th grade. The insomnia was bad and I wasn't on meds for it at the time so I would stay up all night doing puzzles and watching the same 10 movies over and over. One night I decided to make the shelves more fun. I traced a poker chip with black sharpie and colored them in with red and blue sharpie. I have been considering doing this to my fiction shelves too… Opinions? #books #bookstagram

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