Currently Reading: Stay by Deb Caletti

#currentlyreading Stay by Deb Caletti I've read it once before, but years ago and during a bad time, so most of it didn't stick with me, just a few lines here and there. The main character is a girl recovering from a bad relationship. The kind with the overly-jealous, obsessive (potentially dangerous) significant other. The one that leaves you looking over your shoulder and screening your calls for far too long once it ends. I worried it might trigger some anxiety, it's certainly bringing up memories I wish I didn't have, but I guess I'm lucky because those memories just highlight how wonderfully safe and loving my husband is. Besides I can take comfort in the fact that those people (yes, my stupid ass dated more than one of those men, some more dangerous than others) are gone from my life forever and ever. Tl;dr – Good book, easy read, girl get's herself back to herself after awful relationship. Accurate enough to make you wonder if the author went through it herself. #books #bookstagram

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