First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday: November 17, 2015


Every Tuesday, the lovely Diane hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros right here, where the idea is to share the first paragraph sometimes two from the book one is currently reading or thinking about reading soon.

Ice Like Fire (sequel to Snow Like Ashes) by Sara Raasch


Chapter 1:  Meira

Five enemies.
Five dented helmets sit lopsided over five equally dented breastplates; five black suns shine, scratched yet distinct, on the silver metal. More soldiers than I could ever take on my own, but as I stand in the center of their ring, boots planted in the snow, I cock and eyebrow at the closest one, the calm that precedes a fight descending over me.
My chakram already rests in my hand, but part of me doesn’t want to throw it just yet, reveling in the feel of it’s smooth handle against my palm. Dendera thought herself so clever, hiding it where she did – but really, giving it to the Cordellan soldiers was almost too easy. Where else would I go for a weapon if not the weapons tent?

So what do y’all think:  Continue reading or put it aside?


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