Currently Reading: Forest Born by Shannon Hale

#currentlyreading Forest Born by Shannon Hale (Books of Bayern, book 4) Oh man guys. So this is only the first time I've been able to reread this last book even though I've read all the other books in the series many times. I'm so excited! I didn't even expect Shannon to write this one (back when it was still a trilogy) because I was convinced there was no decent way to portray this power the way one could wind, fire, and water. And when I found out about the release of this one I expected the cliche of "girl can make flowers grow" and I have never been more pleased to be wrong! It's such an unusual approach to this magic and SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! And of course even though the book is told through Razo's little sister Rin, it still ties back to the main characters from the previous stories in a believable way. Not to mention it's about a wonderful, powerful female character who is unique, interesting, and varied, as are all the ladies Shannon writes. #booksofbayern #books #bookstagram

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