Message to Robin Wasserman (author of ‘Skinned’)

I am reading your novel ‘Skinned’ and got to the passage where Lia’s dad tells her “Arbeit macht frei” and then when she learns that it is a Nazi saying from the Holocaust days says “Statute of limitations on grudges expires after a hundred years.”

I was just curious whether you personally believe that after enough time has passed people no longer have a right to be angry at the actions of the Nazi Party?

This is not intended as a leading question or anything like that, I just couldn’t shake my curiosity and I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this.

I eagerly await your response,

I sent this to Robin Wasserman on Goodreads because while reading Skinned I noticed the main character’s father seemed somewhat racist (talked about here).

I couldn’t shake the nagging curiosity over whether this statute of limitations was something the author truly believed in. I don’t expect a response, but I had to at least ask.

I know from Wasserman’s twitter she doesn’t seem to be racist, in fact she often uses her twitter to call out racism. My question is specifically about whether she believes there is a “statute of limitation on grudges” in terms of racism. I wasn’t able to find a time when she specifically addressed that line. If anyone has seen something of that kind, I would appreciate a link.


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