Some quotes from Skinned by Robin Wasserman…

Sometimes while I’m reading I come across quotes I love so much I want to post them on their own, or maybe add them to my weekly book posts. Others, I like them enough to want to mention them, but don’t feel they are powerful enough to command their own post. These are some of that second type:

Since I was dead — or worse than dead, buried alive in a body that might as well be a coffin except it denied me the pleasure of suffocation — I figured I should be allowed to grieve.

– page 5 (The First Day)

Sascha looked torn. Should she cram my head full of newfound terror that the world would reject me, or let me wander into the big, scary out-there, like a naive lamb prancing to the slaughter?

– page 47 (Mouth Closed)

I did it all mechanically. Mechanically, as in without thought, as in through force of habit, as in instinctively, automatically, involuntarily. Mechanically, as in like-a-machine.

– page 101 (Faith)

Hardcover, 368 pages
Published September 9th 2008 by Simon Pulse


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