Some quotes from Frostblood by Elly Blake

Normally this post would be for all the quotes I liked from a book, but that didn’t strike me as needing their own separate posts. However, since I discovered Frostblood was due back at the library tomorrow and reserved so I wouldn’t be able to get it again for at least a month, I decided to force myself to focus and read through the whole book in one go, which means I didn’t pause to make commentary posts along the way.

Admittedly towards the end of the book I was clinging to it desperately and not really paying attention to whether something was “quotable” or not, but these are all the quotes that I did notice and want to blog about from Frostblood:

So everyone would suffer because of me.
“I’ll kill you for what you’ve done this night,” I managed to whisper.

– page 15 (One)

I am as cold as the prison walls. I feel nothing.

– page 20 (Two)

As the heavy door clanged shut behind us, I trembled with the reality of escape. My lungs filled with the sweet, clean air of outdoors, my eyes dazzled by the almost forgotten sight of stars, like torches in a darkened room.

– page 26 (Two)

Was that what my life was now? An endless series of close shaves until my luck ran out?

-page 79 (Seven)

“Ruthlessness is not power. Tyranny is not strength.”

– page 97 (Eight)

“Perhaps if I gain some weight, you won’t call me a stick anymore.”
“You may hope to one day be a branch.”

– page 102 (Nine)

It was exhilarating, putting him off-balance, to the point where I felt a pang of danger. This was a game to which I could become quite addicted if I wasn’t careful.

– page 133 (Eleven)

We turned a corner and I was reduced to the size of an ant, for the road was lined on both sides by icy statues of enormous men. They were the Frost Giants I had read about in the old myths, symmetrical and perfect, formed of ice and given life by Fors. But there appeared to be no life in these statues. No movement, sound, or breath. My neck prickled as I passed, as if they watched me from somewhere inside the icy prison of their bodies.

– page 204 (Seventeen)

Hardcover, 376 pages
Published January 10th 2017 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


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