The Cookie Read-A-Thon Kind of Daily Challenge, Day 5: Favorite Genre

I’m doing The Cookie Read-A-Thon, started by Mary @ Books & Cookies (on her tumblr blog though). Learn More

Well the broad answer would be:  YA Fiction.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve tried general fiction (or adult fiction), but with few exceptions I typically find murder mysteries, which I don’t enjoy, or something claiming to be of some other genre, but is really just a vehicle for excessive and unnecessary sex scenes. I don’t begrudge a good smut scene, don’t get me wrong, but when there’s equal parts sex and plot, that’s unnecessary (unless you’re writing an erotic novel in which case, right on dude); when the sex scenes do nothing to serve the actual story, that’s unnecessary. I just want a story for heaven’s sake….

So I tend to stick to YA Fiction. Because even though there is romance (borderline excessive romance) and even sex scenes sometimes, for the most part there’s more story than anything else.

(I guess you can tell I don’t typically like to read romance novels either?)

To be more specific: YA Fantasy.

Perhaps it’s the fact that most fantasy novels involve battles and journeys and Adventure™ that make them the most enjoyable for me. Or maybe it’s the potential for mystical creatures and magic. Or maybe it’s just that it’s so very, very different from my real life.

There’s just something about a fantasy novel, a YA Fantasy novel specifically, that speaks to my imagination perfectly.

What are your favorite genres? Recommend me a book from your favorite genre, if you like.


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