Cookie Read-A-Thon: Day 8


I managed to meet my goal, although it did take me a strangely long amount of time to read 250 pages. I’m going to blame the fact that my lips and hands are all tingly from lack of oxygen. (I miss breathing… I bet it’s nice this time of year…)

I plan to make a post or two about Love & Gelato, but not tonight, too exhausted.

Books Read Today:

Time Spent Reading Today:  3 H 10 M

Total Pages Read:  2131

Total Time Spent Reading:  25 H 33 M

Books Completed During Read-A-Thon:  8

Tomorrow I will need to pick yet another book from my shelf (you can see the options here, and give me your opinion on what I should read next because I super need it!) and I’d like to make a sizable dent in it. Also I may try to work on Unmade a little more, but somehow I doubt it.


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