Top 5 Wednesday: January 10, 2018

Books You Didn’t Get to In 2017

These are books you didn’t end up getting to in 2017, but really want to prioritize in 2018.
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Throne of Glass series // Sarah J. Maas

When the new book came out (ha…not even the most recent new book) I decided I needed to reread the whole series if I was going to have any idea what was going on. Of course, that was the end of 2016, and then with yet another new one coming out in 2017 I figured I would get to it at some point… Wrong!


Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge

I’ve literally had this for almost an entire year, completely intending to read it, and then just…not…doing…that…. I have no excuse at all honestly. Especially considering all the good things I’ve heard about it.


Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

God I’ve been “meaning to read this one” literally since it came out in like 2015 or something. I keep getting it from the library, sitting it on the shelf, and then turning it back in without reading it. At least with this one I have a reason though. Sarah Dessen was a favorite back in high school and I was excited to see another book by her, but I suddenly got it into my head that if it somehow disappointed me (something no Dessen novel has ever done) I might not be able to love her other books quite the same as I have. So basically I psyched myself out…


The Forgotten Sisters (Princess Academy, book 3) by Shannon Hale

This is another one that I’ve been intending to get to for ages. I even reread the first two books to prepare for reading this one. And yet… I’m going to blame the second book, because it was completely unmemorable (it wasn’t bad though) so how am I supposed to go on to the third?


The Bone Witch (The Bone Witch, book 1) by Rin Chupeco

I was so excited when this book came out and I heard so many great things, so I got it from the library as soon as it was available. And then I read it right away! Not… I put it on the library shelf and looked at it sometimes with the best of intentions, but never quite in the exact right mood for it apparently. (That’s just an excuse, I’m just bad at follow-through!)

What are some books you meant to read last year, but didn’t get around to?


Top 5 Wednesday: January 3, 2018

2018 Reading Resolutions

Self explanatory. Let us know 5 of your reading goals for the year. 
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It’s that time again, y’all! I pretty much never make regular new year’s resolutions, but making reading resolutions really helped last year, so here we go!

  1. Read 75 books in 2018! (Goodreads Goal)
    I considered raising this number since this was my goal for 2017 as well, but I decided to keep it since it is still a challenge for me at this point. With my mental state the way it is, I have massive slumps where I can barely even get out of bed, much less read regularly. So if I can do 75 two years in a row, I’ll raise the goal for 2019, but for now I think this is still challenging myself.
  2. Give General Fiction novels another chance.
    I always had trouble getting into General Fiction because most of the books I found seemed to be full of gratuitous sex scenes that did nothing to enhance the plot, which got boring fast. This year I’d like to at least try a few more General Fic books to see if I can find ones I like.
  3. Read at least 15 books that I own, but haven’t read yet.
    Haha I’m garbage and I buy books and never fucking read them! This year I want to knock 15 of them off my TBR so if I don’t like them I can trade them to the used bookstore for better ones!
  4. Keep up with writing reviews.
    I said for 2017 that I wanted to start writing book reviews and I did, but as the year went on I did less and less. I would like to get better at reviewing and do it more because I do kind of enjoy it.
  5. Keep reading more #OwnVoices novels.
    I never bothered specifically trying to find novels by non-white authors before last year, despite being annoyed by the lack of diversity in a lot of the novels I read (before Own Voices novels I never read a single book with a character like me in it…), but I’m glad I started to that and I want to read even more this year.

Do you have any bookish goals for 2018?

Top 5 Wednesday: September 27, 2017

Books You’ve Read Because of Booktube/Blogging/etc.

Discuss the books you’ve picked up because you’ve heard of them in the online book community or platform you use.
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  1. The Raven Cycle // Maggie Stiefvater
    Well I had to put this series first because it’s the one I’m the most grateful to booklr for convincing me to read. I had seen The Raven Boys (book 1) on a shelf before, but had specifically not even picked it up because of the title. Then even when I did pick it up and read the blurb, I remember thinking it would be just a dumb romance about private school boys and setting it back down! (I’m ashamed to even admit that…) So it wasn’t until several posts from booklr peeps and direct cajoling from a reader friend that I finally decided to give it a chance.
  2. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
    This book comes second because I think it’s the second most important in that it taught me not to blindly trust booklr hype! I reviewed it, if you want to know more, but long story short: booklr straight lied to me about this book; it was trash.
  3. The Lunar Chronicles // Marissa Meyer
    I was pretty resistant to reading this one, but now that I have I can’t remember what my reasoning was… I should have known I would enjoy a sci-fi fairytale retelling series!
  4. Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes, book 1) by Sara Raasch
    Anyone on booklr knows how all over this series the community was for a while there. I bought into the hype of course, because I’m weak, and found this to be a pretty enjoyable book. I was reading it when I went to sign my pre-trial diversion paperwork and my lawyer and I talked about it at length. (Apparently it’s one she recommends all the time.) Unfortunately I couldn’t get into the sequel despite repeated tries and wound up abandoning the series.
  5. Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children // Ransom Riggs
    This is another series I am so grateful to the booklr community for recommending! There’s just so much to love about this series. The first time around, back in 2014, I really liked the story, but I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I did when I went back and reread it at the beginning of this year.

I’d love to know about some books the online book community you are a part of convinced you to read! Comment or make your own post and leave me a link.

Top 5 Wednesday: August 30, 2017

Favorite Bromances

I think we have done this topic before in the distant past, but who doesn’t love a good bromance? Bromance = platonic relationship between two characters who identify as male.
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  1. Oriel & Griff // The Wings of a Falcon by Cynthia Voigt (Tales of the Kingdom, book 3; also published as The Tale of Oriel)
  2. Gregor & Ripred // The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins
  3. Samuel “Bullet” Tillerman & Tamer Shipp // The Runner by Cynthia Voigt (The Tillerman Cycle, book 4)
  4. Harry Potter & Ron Weasley // Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
  5. Stanley Yelnats & Hector Zeroni // Holes by Louis Sachar

What are some of your favorite bromances? Comment or make your own post and leave me a link.

Top 5 Wednesday: August 9, 2017

Second Book is Best

We’ve talked about series that went downhill, and series that are worth it, but which series were best in the middle?
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  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series // Sarah J. Maas
    This series isn’t complete yet, but of the books that are out, it’s better in the middle.
  2. Uglies Series // Scott Westerfeld
  3. The Tillerman Cycle // Cynthia Voigt

Unfortunately, I was only able to think of 3 series that fit this prompt for me. I tend to think the entire series is equally good or that the beginning is best.

I’d love to know what series you guys think were best in the middle! Comment or make your own post and leave a link here.

Top 5 Wednesday: March 8, 2017

Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

Talk about your favorite science fiction and fantasy books of all time!
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  1. A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, book 2) by Sarah J. Maas
  2. Specials (Uglies, book 3) by Scott Westerfeld
  3. The Tale of Elske (Tales of the Kingdom, book 4) by Cynthia Voigt
  4. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
  5. Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

Comment with your own favorite fantasy & science fiction novels (or a link to your own post) so I can check them out too! My TBR totally doesn’t mind growing!

Top 5 Wednesday: February 15, 2017

Favorite Non-Written Novels

This was a hard topic to name, but this is about all books that are not ‘written’ novels! So graphic novels, comics, manga, audiobooks, etc. Shed some light on books in other forms.
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I can’t actually participate in this one because I’ve actually only ever read one non-written novel in my life (it was one of the Death Note mangas).

Normally I’d just skip a day if I couldn’t contribute anything, but in this case I thought it might be fun to see if I could get some recs off y’all and try to branch out my tastes a bit!

If you have a favorite audio book, graphic novel, manga, etc. please comment with the titles or a link to your T5W post or just send me a message. Thanks in advance!

Top 5 Wednesday: February 8, 2017

Book Trends You’re Tired Of

What are some things you are tired of seeing that are trends in publishing? Maybe something that pops up on a lot of covers these days, or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre? Let it out!
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  2. I’ve seen literally 2 popular books with female lead characters that weren’t model thin. That’s super annoying honestly because I only know 1 naturally skinny girl in real life. Like do authors not realize most girls are not 120lbs?
  3. I hate when covers have random models on the cover and none of the imagery relates to the story and the model doesn’t even look like the main character. Why do people keep doing this? Just draw a pretty cover using themes from the novel, everyone likes those  better anyway!
  4. Speaking of tropes that can die, how about “love cures mental illness” because that is just stupid.
  5. Does…..does everybody have to be white?????

What book trends are you sick of?

Top 5 Wednesday: February 1, 2017

Current Favorites that Aren’t Books

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from books and talk about some other things you’ve been obsessed with. These all don’t have to be in the same category. Mix it up! What TV shows have you been enjoying, makeup you’ve been wearing, food you’ve been eating, etc.??
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  1. I DON’T
  2. THINK I
  5. !?!?!????!?!!!!!???

What are your current non-book faves?

Top 5 Wednesday: January 25, 2017

Favorite Underrated Books

Give some love to those books that aren’t as widely talked about. Those hidden gems. Those books that maybe used to be popular but people have forgotten about and they still deserve some love.
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I wound up with a list of book series instead of individual books, but whatever!

  1. The Books of Bayern // Shannon Hale
  2. The Tillerman Cycle // Cynthia Voigt
  3. The Underland Chronicles // Suzanne Collins
  4. Princess Academy Series // Shannon Hale
  5. The Chanters of Tremaris Series // Kate Constable

What underrated books do you love? Comment or make your own Top 5 Wednesday post!