Your friends are embarrassing, Lia. (Skinned by Robin Wasserman)

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I find myself frustrated that Lia keeps trying to be friends with these obvious losers. But more than that, I’m embarrassed for her that she was ever friends with these people pre-accident!

I’m also completely done with “Zo Zo”. Seriously. And the boyfriend gets more annoying as time goes on. (Actually, the more Lia recalls, the less I think they had a good relationship pre-accident anyway.)

I’m just going to sit back and wait for her to start being friends with Auden like she’s obviously meant to do.

#SorryAboutYourRacistDad (Skinned by Robin Wasserman)


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Hate to break it to you Lia, but your dad is a racist.

You already told us your parents specifically paid for daughters with Aryan features, your dad quotes Nazi phrases from his ancestral home of Germany, he says things like “Statute of limitations on grudges expires after a hundred years” (about the Holocaust) and gets your teacher fired for telling you about the aforementioned Holocaust.


Update: Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson


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I’m having so much trouble with this book! I don’t really like the main character all that much for various very tiny reasons, and I HATE the boyfriend with a burning passion (which is to say, I would happily light him on fire to shut him up). I may have to give up on this one….
Has anyone read Psych Major Syndrome that could tell me if it’s going to get any more interesting than this or if the main character’s personality is like this for the majority of the book or if she gets rid of this asshole boyfriend soon??? (Basically can anyone give me a little hope here so I don’t have to abandon this book?)

Update: Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

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I don’t wanna finish, and not for the reason I usually don’t wanna finish…
Like normally at this point I’m racing through the pages, desperate to know what’s coming even as I hate to find the end of the book. But this time I keep putting the book down and trying to think of something more interesting to do before picking it back up and making myself read again…